Sharing our products and stories with the world.

Our Brands

The Brands chosen to be on the BeautifulMe NZ website must meet a certain criteria.

The products must be of the highest quality and reflective of the premium products New Zealand has available to sell to the world.

The products are not mass produced; they are crafted by artisans, who are true practitioners of their chosen profession.

The products must be unique to New Zealand and totally grown and made in New Zealand with a supply chain that is traceable and has a unique story to share with the world.

The business are small to medium sized family businesses that have a commitment to a family’s well-being, sustainability in both business and environment whilst working towards the preservation of iconic New Zealand values and history,

The products must be saleable globally and the business owner must have the fortitude to take their products globally under the BeautifulMe NZ name.

Michelle MacWilliam, together with her advisory board of specialists, personally selects and nurtures the brands for global entrance under the BeautifulMe NZ banner.