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Necklace Funky Blues and Creams

This necklace is ideal for when you are wearing denim and white in a casual way and need a pop of colour to break a plain tee shirt without being too bold.

This single strand is a combination of both glass and synthetic fibre in an array of different shapes and the colours within the blue and white colour spectrum.

This 32 inch/ 81 cm, sits between matinee and opera length.

When the necklace is opera length we have draped the necklace twice around the display.

If you decide that a matching pair of earrings would suit this stunning necklace, a pair can be made to match at time of purchase. Please inquire if this offer is suitable to you.

If you need an up-close view of the necklace, please email us, and we will happily send an image for your closer perusal.

We understand that both your monitor and our photography can distort the true colour or the visual intensity and opulence of our range of necklaces please consider that when purchasing.

SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE 100% Refund within 7 days of purchase of this necklace.

Price (NZD): $55.00