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Full Cream UHT Milk 12x 1L

Farm Fresh UHT MILK long life milk that is naturally creamy and delicious with the great taste the whole family can enjoy.

Made only from New Zealand’s finest Dairy Products – Farm Fresh UHT MILK has the New Zealand Dairy Products sought-after the world over. This 1 litre milk bottle has our unique resealable screw-top bottle is brand new to market and so convenient. The screw-top is allows for storage in your fridge allowing easy access, re-use and re-seal.

The Milk is produced, UHT treated and packaged in New Zealand.

A shelf life of 12 Months - the product can be stored at medium temperature.

Once opened the Milk must be consumed in 6 days from time of opening.

Sold in cartons of 12x 1 litre UHT Milk full cream plastic containers.

1 litre Milk is not sold individually.

Price (NZD): $42.00